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"....This visit was by far one of the best experiences one could have at a dental office. Reconnecting with Lisa, the hygienist, was as if it were just yest-erday not 5 years. Esther, Kris. Mariah and Dr. Sibhatu, all create a wonderful, professional team. the connection was instant.

Dr. Sibhatu's work and professionalism are tops, my smile looks great again. I am sure I will refer others to enjoy the service and work put out by your TEAM. Remember to laugh today! "


An experienced, knowledgeable team of dentists under one roof

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Laurel Smile Dentistry is a perfect combination of state-of-the-art dental equipment and dental procedure

Truly unique dental practice with much to offer for anyone looking for quality, affordable dental care. Dr. Sibhatu has advanced training and skills in particular aspects of dentistry, making it possible for him to properly address any dental condition, from a routine check-up, to full-mouth reconstruction.

He combines the latest advances in dentistry with a special warmth and care that keeps our patients coming back year after year. We treat you like family, because that's how we think of our patients.

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Using technology to provide gentle, comfortable dental care

Our goal is to provide greater comfort and the most relaxing experience possible for all our patients. This includes advanced dental treatment to treat gum disease, computer assisted precise placement of dental implants, and many other tools that we use to make your visits quick and pleasant.

One stop destination for all your oral health issues – Laurel Smile Dentistry

Oral health is an indispensable part of everyone’s life. What you eat, how you eat and when you eat shapes your body, mind and life in several different ways. Oral health can have significant impact on systemic health. Taking good care of your teeth and gums can indirectly improve your respiratory and digestive system. In this fast paced world where people don’t even have the time to eat, dental care always takes a backseat. But that does not mean that it should be avoided and not taken care of. Dentists all over the world help their patients to get their smiles back and optimize their dental health. Laurel Smile Dentistry is a team of eminently qualified dentist and staff who strive to take complete care of people’s dental health. Our qualified and well-experienced doctors take their patients oral health very seriously. We treat each and every problem from the very root so that treatment lasts as long as possible. All our treatment methods and procedures are at highly affordable and reasonable rates compared to all other dentists. Quality care and treatment for our patients has always been our foremost priority. Under the guidance and ownership of Dr. Sibhatu our goal has always been to provide great comfort in the most relaxing environment to all our patients. We make sure to spend as much time as possible with the patients to know all about their concerns and discomforts regarding their dental issues. Our professional staff makes sure that the general pain is relieved, problems are effectively resolved and your health improves effortlessly. We always make sure that we provide the maximum information possible to our patients regarding their dental health issues offering them alternatives for their treatment. Better informed patients make better decisions regarding the course of their treatment. And this not only informs them about their problem but also increases their confidence regarding their course of treatment. The fact that our staff know and understand each other create an environment full of warmth and care within our clinic. It is not only beneficial for the patients but also for the doctors and they are profoundly helping and caring towards each other.

All our treatments and equipment are in line with the latest technology. All our dentists, hygienists, assistants and administrative staff make sure that you get high quality and comfortable dental care. Our office is highly spacious ensuring the availability of all modern and technical equipment and enough space for the relaxation and treatment of maximum number of patients. Some of the modern high tech equipment available with us include Panoramic digital x-rays, Intraoral camera, Orthoscopic loupes, Modern implant system, Clear braces, Teeth whiteners and Dental Educational Software to teach indispensable information about oral health. All our doctors are more than qualified and conspicuously proficient in using these equipment to take best care of your mouth. Our exclusive specializations and coordination is what makes us prominent in the area of dental health. High tech dentistry, dental restoration, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, cleaning and regular checkups, Gum treatment and emergencies are some of the services offered by our incredible staff. Laurel Smile Dentistry also believes in giving back to the community and to the world. We have given complete time and energy in providing volunteer dental services to our community and travelling overseas to provide dental care in Kenya and other African countries. Our enthusiasm levels are high regarding our newest community project, "Help the Needy Project”. It is an annual event to support a local community endeavor, to brighten the smiles of the supporters, and to change the life of a dentally compromised individual with extreme makeovers. We have introduced many offers combining many services at different prices to suit the needs and requirements of the patients. Payments can be very easily done through Master Card, Visa Card, Discover and American Express. Our availability depends upon the day of the week for each day and the consultation timings are different. We completely understand the value of your hard earned money and invaluable time so we have made it easy for you to book an appointment online coordinating your and our availability. To get more information on our services and know more about us, please go to our official website www.laurelsmiledentistry.com

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